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Pubray makes writing online simple and personal while efficiently connecting your white-label content with readers through all the channels that matter at once. Without time-consuming setup, business constraints or hefty costs.

Your brand and content, everywhere


Publish quality content on your domain to increase traffic and leads.

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Mobile app

White-label app for iOS & Android to boost retention and conversions.

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Put your content on any website for ultimate customization.

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The holy grail of content marketing, now steamlined and simplified.

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Keep your audience engaged even after they close the browser.

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Social media

Tell your brand’s story and grow your audience on all social networks.

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Connect to modern audiences without noise and cookie alerts — just your content delivered consistently via minimal, accessible visuals and beautiful typography.

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Create with joy, on your terms

Meet our state-of-the-art visual editor

It's super simple to start with, shows the exact result right during the editing and packs efficiency-boosting features like Markdown shortcuts & cross-platform image search.

Take your writing with you and oversee your publications with support for desktop, tablets and smartphones.

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Bring in your own editor & workflow

Sync all publications with Dropbox or GitHub to keep content up-to-date and yours on all devices.

Write using any text editor and see results live in seconds. It's your productive workflow along with features like grammar check of iA Writer, revision history of GitHub or collaborative editing & reviews of Google Docs.

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Whichever workflow you choose, Pubray will complement and supercharge it with a powerful set of publishing and social networking features.

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Earning unleashed, for every pocket

Integrated commerce with Paddle

Setup one or multiple products and subscription plans in seconds so that readers may just as easily & quickly support you and access your paid content.

Let Paddle handle secure checkout and become your merchant of record — taking the heavylifting around billing, invoicing and taxes off your busy hands.

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Plug & Pay

Pick any business model and a matching commerce solution — subscriptions via Stripe, one-off payments via PayPal, donations via Patreon, sales via Shopify...

Choose whatever fits you best and let Pubray collect member emails, automate their management, publish only for them and help you stay on top with analytics.

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Simple pricing with generous free plan

Start for free with all features and no time limit. Skyrocket your publishing efforts with simple & affordable traffic-based pricing and no commissions.

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Get 4 months for free with yearly billing.

Included features

  • Custom domain
  • Mobile app
  • Content embedding
  • Newsletters*
  • Editor
  • Cloud sync
  • White-label branding
  • Publishing tools
  • Unlimited staff
  • Unlimited audience
  • Analytics
  • Tech support
* When sending newsletters, each counts as 10 billable monthly pageviews per recipient.

Home for ideas, built on values

Profitable honesty

Move on from data trade, obtrusive ads and banners with privacy-focused tools for building online relationships, turning them into money and keeping an eye on progress & results.

Inclusive simplicity

Create and consume content easily with clean and accessible experience wrapped in a steamlined package — regardless of your impairments, language or technical skills.

Personalized efficiency

Choose your way to deliver content, your branding to put over it, your editor to write it in, your cloud to store it on and your business model to make the most out of it.

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