Deliver heads up about new publications straight to your readers and all their devices.

Pubray comes with notification system built right into every user's account. These notifications may be previewed in the notification popup that appears after clicking the bell icon () next to the user avatar. There, user that has subscribed a specific space will be notified in real-time about every new publication from it.

An additional indicator (a colorized dot) will incentize users to check out all the unread notifications.

Push notifications

In addition, readers may enable push notifications in browsers that support the Web Push standard — i.e. every modern browser except Safari on every platform except iOS. This option is available for specific space in the subscription popup that appears after clicking the bell icon () on the right side of the space toolbar.

(from left) Notifications in browser, in macOS notification center, on Android home screen and in Android notification panel

Once enabled, push notifications will be presented by the operating system itself, informing users about new publications even when the space page, white-label app or the entire browser is closed.