Just start publishing

Pubray provides a complete publishing package backed by the ease, convenience and reliability of a platform.


Attach any publication as a home page or a link in navigation.


Let the comversation thrive with a unique built-in comment system.


Keep your content organized, searchable and listable.


Send invitations and build a collaborating team of authors.


Send your working copy for review and approval by team members.


Automatically publish articles and newsletters in the future.


Preview or revert to previous version to recover lost work and undo mistakes.

Link editing

Edit links even after the publication without breaking the old ones.


Point legacy paths from existing website to SEO-optimized Pubray links.

Turn writing into an art

We've designed the Pubray editor from scratch to turn writing into a simple & pleasant experience and gave it unique superpowers to boost efficiency.

Visual editing

See the result right in the editor and forget crazy syntaxes or previews.

Image search

Grab the best shot from Unsplash, Pexels or Pixabay — in seconds.

Keyboard shortcuts

Change format without taking hands off the keyboard.

Simple formatting

Simplify your work with a beautifully matched set of formats.


Write as long as you want without ever loosing your work.

Code highlighting

200+ syntaxes, indentation and live highlighting during editing.

Cloud sync

Sync Pubray publications with Markdown files stored on Dropbox & GitHub.

Any editor

Write using your favorite Markdown editor with live preview.

Live preview

See the result during the editing — even when using custom editor.

Get it branded & make it yours

Pubray goes out of creator's and reader's way, putting white-label branding & content in front — without overhead or noise.

Custom domains

Ensure long-term online identity by linking your own domain.

White-label app

Stay attached (literally) to readers with your app on their home screens.

Content embedding

Put your content on any website for ultimate customization.

Personal spaces

Enhance your author's profile with all of the space features.


Put your own icon, logo and images over a white-label template.

Adaptive colors

Choose colors to decorate all content — adjusted for light and dark.

Let it out & let them in

Pubray spaces come out of the box with all the features needed for social networking and user engagement to thrive.


Send any publication as an e-mail to subscribers or custom e-mail lists.


Curate & bring together arbitrary content and let others curate yours.


Help readers stay up to date with latest publications on all devices.

Like & subscribe

Grow audience efficiently as users subscribe even without signing in.


Reach social networks like Twitter or Facebook in automated way.

Reading apps

Cross-post and show in reading apps to be where your readers are.

Maximize your earning potential

Pubray unlocks monetization by optimizing your costs and providing a level of business freedom unprecedented on other publishing platforms.

Any business model

Subscriptions, one-off payments, fundraising, sales — it's your call.

Integrated commerce

Setup subscriptions in minutes and publish just for paid subscribers.

Audience management

Collect subscribers, access their e-mails, keep them organized and in sync.


Control who can see your content to sell it or make it private.

No commissions

Put 30% for Apple & Google out of the equation with store-free mobile app.


Track your stats and conversions without compromising privacy.

Make your audience happy

Pubray's opinionated approach towards visuals & user experience is built to appeal audiences tired of visual clutter and data trade.

No ads or tracking

Privacy focused experience for modern security-aware audiences.

No banners

Browsing undistracted by cookie alerts or app download banners.

Fullscreen focus

Fill the entire screen with content for presentations and focused reading.

Simply beautiful

Pubray presents content with universal mix of beautiful typography and modern media in place of fancy themes that are unreadable & hard to maintain.

Light theme

All content legible & shining in light and dark — without effort.

Dark theme

All content legible & shining in light and dark — without effort.

As reader prefers

Light or dark, serifs or no serifs — every user has a choice.

Fairly delivered

Curated by community & delivered without clickbait or bias.

In many languages

Interface and content support for native user languages.

Same everywhere

All reading & editing features in browsers and on iOS & Android.

Join Pubray today

Pubray makes it simpler than ever to put your brand & content out there — connecting ambitious creators with their audience in a relationship deeper than ever before. Sign up for free and access all features without a time limit.