Reading apps

Cross-post and show in reading apps to be where your readers are.

Aside from sharing and reposting to social networks, Pubray allows to deliver publications to various places and apps that gather readers looking for quality content, longer than the size of a tweet.

Reader views & read-it-later apps

Pubray delivers publications formatted as semantic HTML that may be easily consumed by content parsing solutions such as in-browser reader views (like the one built into Safari and Firefox). This allows readers to have full control over the presentation including font family and size.

Building on top of that, there's a number of standalone read-it-later apps — such as Pocket or Instapaper — that consume such well-formed HTML, allowing to aggregate it for convenient offline reading. Content published on Pubray should be fully compliant with these apps out of the box.

RSS reading apps

For every space, Pubray hosts an RSS feed that readers may subscribe to in order to have latest publications delivered to RSS reading apps that they use — including Feedly or Inoreader.

Content platforms

Automated reposting may be used in order to cross-post articles to Medium or Wordpress, allowing to reach millions of Medium readers and majority of existing websites without effort.

The other way around, Pubray supports Markdown import & canonical URLs which allows to bring in and/or cross-post content from these websites while staying SEO-friendly for sake of search engines.