Stay on top of your publishing efforts with built-in or your own analytics.

Built-in stats

Pubray collects view, read and like counts for all publications. You may preview them for a given publication by choosing Stats from the publication menu. You'll be presented with lifetime totals for a given publication as well as with a chart that shows day-to-day performance.

You may also compare and dig into stats for publications in a given space by choosing Stats from the space menu.

Plausible Analytics integration

There are situations when a more powerful analytics solution is required --- like audience breakdown by platform or country, top sources of new visitors, content marketing, conversion tracking...

At the same time Pubray values privacy of both creators & their audiences and builds excellent user experience without cookie alerts required by most popular analytics solutions like Google Analytics.

That's why Pubray provides seamless support for Plausible Analytics, providing the best of both worlds — a powerful solution with all of the above features that also values user privacy. With this support, you may enable Plausible Analytics for your space linked to custom domain by toggling just a single Plausible Analytics switch in the space settings.

Other solutions

If you're still inclined (or required) to use other analytics solution such as Google Analytics, you may do so by using code injection.

Note: this feature is not publicly available yet — we're doing our best to make it available for everyone soon, stay tuned on the Pubray Blog.
Coming soon: detailed guide for setting up arbitrary analytics.