Released: SEO improvements

This release vastly refines the way Pubray publications integrate with search engines — both for Pubray websites and Pubray embeds.

First and foremost, it’s now possible to set custom title, description and cover image for publications — making it possible to override or backfill the values inferred from the content. These are then passed to search engines (Google, Bing etc) and embeds (on Twitter, Facebook, Slack etc).

In addition, Pubray embeds now populate page title and description when navigating inside the embed. They also link the page to canonical URL of specific publication and to RSS feed of its space, completing the SEO-related feature set for embeds.

These improvements are concluded by an updated content embedding help page that now covers all the SEO-related features of Pubray embeds in the SEO section.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved the hint for the link field in space settings
  • Fixed sliced title in OpenGraph tags and Twitter cards


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