Released: improved custom domains, engineering blog

Custom domains, done right

Pubray has allowed linking spaces to custom domains for some time already, but the interface for executing this highly technical procedure was lacking and mostly based on the dedicated help page. Also, we’ve forced our users to rely on Cloudflare for handling SSL and linking root domains (e.g. instead of

Well, that’s no longer the case with the brand new space linking interface (available at Space settingsLinking) that responds to entering a new custom domain by presenting a guide for setting up DNS records. Once done, the setup gets verified and — only when it’s correct — user proceeds, confirms the change and activates the redirect from

Powered by Let’s Encrypt, Pubray now also handles issuing SSL certificates for custom domains with encrypted connection established directly at the Pubray server — making the transfer of sensitive data such as user passwords and publication contents as secure as possible.

Finally, we’ve migrated to a more reliable hosting provider that features a static IP address. This allows to setup root domains without relying on external solutions such as Cloudflare. Yay for simplicity!

For engineers, from engineers

We’re happy to announce our brand new Pubray Engineering blog dedicated to the technical side of our journey with Pubray. Feel invited to dig in and subscribe if you’re into this kind of writeups.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixed code highlighting in editor
  • Fixed title, intro and image caption placeholders in editor


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