Released: Pubray Sync app

We’re introducing Pubray Sync - a standalone app for Windows, Mac & Linux that empowers Pubray writers with capability to create and edit their publications using any Markdown editor.

This powerful feature syncs changes after every file save and the result is instantly visible on Pubray, so now writers may keep the benefits of WYSIWYG while working using favorite tools that they’re most efficient with.

Pubray Sync is built on top of the API that we’ve released several updates ago. It takes advantage of the same Pubray-flavored Markdown syntax and leverages the API token for authentication.

This is a major addition to the set of features that make Pubray raise the productivity & experience bar. Flexibility to choose between the built-in Pubray editor and any other as well as the ability to store publications in local files is how we empower the writers. We’re determined to go as far as building a separate app for multiple platforms in order to achieve that goal.


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