Released: content embedding

This release introduces content embedding — a whole new way to put content published on Pubray on your landing page, e-shop or other website in order to enrich it with quality content & boost its SEO while having full control over the design and hosting.

See the Carrd-embedded version of the space.

It’s a perfect way to extend your existing landing page with rich content in order to improve SEO and organic traffic. It works regardless if your website was built with one of modern no-code site builders like Carrd or created 15 years ago with a simple HTML template.

Embedding opens a way to customize your space beyond what Pubray allows with its own hosting. It’s a great growth path for spaces to kickstart using Pubray hosting and then grow for custom design while still leveraging a rich set of Pubray publishing features.

Pubray embeds come with some serious superpowers:

  • Embed whole blogs, specific sections or single pages
  • Multiple embeds within same website e.g. for subpages
  • SEO-friendly navigation across publications within a single embed
  • Lazy loading to reduce network traffic & billable pageviews
  • Adaptive styling to inherit and reuse existing styles
  • Customizable styling & scripting to blend embed into any design

Read more about content embedding on the dedicated help page.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved sign in screen with simpler layout
  • Improved welcome screen with info about values
  • Fixed title spacings in notifications


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