Markdown support

Learn the Pubray-flavored Markdown that allows to represent publications along with all formatting features in a human readable plain text format. Use it to import, export, keep, synchronize and edit publications on any platform and with any desktop, mobile and online text editor.

Pubray-flavored Markdown

Pubray supports a subset of Markdown formatting that matches the formats available in the editor. In addition, it extends original Markdown with a few extra conventions in order to represent formats and settings from the editor that are not part of it.

Supported formats are:

  • Bold (like usual e.g. **Text**, not in title & intro)
  • Italics (like usual e.g. _Text_, not in title & intro)
  • Links (like usual e.g. [Text](http://some.url), not in title)
  • Inline code (like usual e.g. `Text`, not in title)
  • Drop caps (em around first letter in paragraph e.g. *T*ext)
  • Title (heading level 1 e.g. # Text, only on top)
  • Intro (heading level 5 e.g. ##### Text, only after title)
  • Paragraphs (blocks of text separated with a blank line)
  • Separators (like usual e.g. ---)
  • Headings (headings level 2 e.g. ## Text)
  • Subheadings (headings level 3 e.g. ### Text)
  • Block quotes (like usual e.g. > Text)
  • Pulled quotes (double block quote e.g. >> Text)
  • Bulleted lists (like usual e.g. * Text, no list nesting)
  • Numbered lists (like usual e.g. 1. Text, no list nesting)
  • Code blocks (like usual, use ```js etc to specify language)
  • Images (paragraphs with image e.g. ![Text](https://url.jpg), optionally followed by a newline and a caption, use [cover, wide] etc in alt to flag as cover or set size)
  • Embeds (as paragraphs containing only a link to supported URL)

Here's a complete example with all types of formatting:

# Title

##### Intro (optional)

Paragraph with **bold**, _italics_, [link]( and `code`.


*A*nd another with a drop cap after a separator.

## Heading

### Subheading

> Block quote

>> Pulled quote

* Bulleted list item 1
* Bulleted list item 2

1. Numbered list item 1
2. Numbered list item 2

const x = "code with JS language"

![Image [cover, wide]](
Image caption


Following parts of Markdown are intentionally not supported and will be skipped when parsing with relevant error presented for the author:

  • Headings level 1 that are not title on top
    (a well-structured publication should have only one title)
  • Headings level 4-6
    (hard to distinquish, make content feel complex)
  • Inline images
    (ruin line spacings, not needed in the age of emoji)
  • Lists or other block formats nested in lists
    (make content feel complex, come with a ton of technical issues)
  • Block quotes or other block formats nested in block quotes
    (come with a ton of styling & technical issues)

Cloud sync

Cloud sync allows to efficiently synchronize all your publications with their equivalent Markdown files on Dropbox or GitHub.

Import and export

You may grab a Markdown copy of an existing publication by choosing Revisions from publication menu, choosing a specific revision and then choosing Export to Markdown from revision menu.

Similarly, you may upload your own Markdown file to fill an existing publication by choosing Revisions from publication menu and choosing Import from Markdown at the top. You'll be taken straight to the editor with the uploaded content ready for further editing or publishing.