Released: Plausible Analytics, videos, redirects

Plausible Analytics support

While Pubray comes with built-in stats for displaying views and reads for all publications, there are situations when a more powerful analytics solution is required — like audience breakdown by platform or country, top sources of new visitors, content marketing, conversion tracking…

At the same time Pubray values privacy of both creators and their audiences. That’s why we don’t use cookies for tracking visitors and — unlike most of competing platforms — we don’t embed Google Analytics which is “free” at the expense of tracking users for personalized ads.

We’re now introducing support for Plausible Analytics in order to provide the best of both worlds — a great solution with all of the above analytics features that also values user privacy. With this support, all Pubray spaces linked to custom domains may now use Plausible Analytics by toggling just a single switch in space settings.

Videos in publications

Pubray editor now allows to upload GIFs and high quality MP4 videos, allowing to present looped motion pictures in articles and pages. They play automatically in all browsers including iOS and Android. They also come with features of still images including formatted captions and customizable sizing (like full width at the top of the page).

This provides a very important tool for visualizing things that are hard to cover with just written word and still pictures, ultimately allowing to create much more engaging content — see for yourself below.

Demo of the focus mode from one of our latest articles

Redirects for old URLs

Spaces hosted on custom domains may now define a list of redirects from legacy paths to valid links on Pubray. This allows to migrate custom domain website previously hosted with any URL scheme without breaking a single link by pointing them all to SEO-friendly Pubray links.

This feature simplifies the migration procedure, reducing the need for a hired specialist or a separate paid solution. For example, Cloudflare offers such functionality via Page Rules, providing 3 redirects for free while charging $1 for each additional one — so you pay the equivalent of entire Pubray Plus plan for redirecting 13 links!

Considering that Pubray also allows to customize publication links and to update them multiple times without breaking the old ones, we now offer an unparalleled, frictionless package for managing linking — the most fundamental aspect of the little thing called World Wide Web.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved editor to prevent accidental overwrites by other sessions
  • Improved space pages to display space menu
  • Improved style for link underlines in publication headers
  • Improved publication metadata spacings
  • Improved republishing of republications to refer to original
  • Fixed bug that prevented from reverting publication revision
  • Fixed videos not appearing in iOS Safari
  • Fixed help link in footer on custom domains
  • Fixed user menu links for managing publications on custom domains
  • Fixed publication index to properly refresh on space filter change
  • Fixed bug with displaying republications in notifications
  • Fixed republishing from spaces hosted on different domains


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