Released: cloud sync

One of the unique features of Pubray that was planned from the very start and released for early adopters in November 2020 was the ability to edit publications with own editor app. We consider this capability crucial for fulfilling Pubray’s goal of providing a truly personal editing experience and a flexible editing workflow on all devices.

We’ve iterated on the feedback that we’ve received and came to the conclusion that the idea was great but execution… not so much. That’s why we’re now releasing a huge revamp of this feature — replacing a dedicated desktop app with a cloud sync via Dropbox & GitHub.

This results in following improvements:

  • support for any editor – not just desktop but also mobile, including iA Writer or 1Writer that bring great writing experience and features like grammar check to iOS and Android devices
  • support for editing features related to cloud services themselves, including collaborative editing, articles-as-code, team reviews with suggested edits and revision history
  • ability to sync (and keep up-to-date) an entire collection of existing Pubray publications or cloud-stored Markdown files at once without having to open them one by one

What’s important, you can still live preview the result on Pubray as you save changes locally as well as the reverse — e.g. insert image in Pubray editor and have it synced to local file in seconds. Considering this now works on any platform, you can now do stuff like split-screen on iPad with Markdown editor and Pubray live preview side by side.

For us it also means not having to maintain a separate Pubray Sync app — yay, more time to bring you game-changing publishing features! 🚀

You can find more info about cloud sync in the Cloud sync guide.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved sign in with support for signing in via GitHub
  • Fixed bug that kept newsletters from getting sent
  • Fixed Markdown export for spaces linked to custom domains
  • Fixed image upload on spaces linked to custom domains
  • Fixed paddings in the help & support listing