Released: Comments

We’re introducing a fully featured, built-in comment system for all Pubray spaces. And it comes with a whole blast of features!


  • Visual editor for comments right besides the thread
  • Same UI and shortcuts as when editing publications
  • Autosave and comment draft restoring
  • Comment listing & display in comment author’s space
  • Publication author’s ability to hide comments or whole thread
  • Ability to comment in own space even when the thread is hidden
  • Real-time notice about new comments in thread

Overall, Pubray’s comment solution is designed to let everyone share their thoughts while putting an ultimate control over the thread in the hands of the publication author. It’s also consistent with the existing Pubray experience by using the same editing and presentation features.

Read more about comments on the dedicated help page.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved publication interface for simplicity by moving the Focus button to the share menu
  • Improved subscribing to spaces by allowing to subscribe with the bell icon when reading publications
  • Improved help pages by setting page titles and descriptions
  • Fixed links without content getting rendered in content